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About Us

We focus on management and consulting for hospitality and food & beverage operations.
Our services range from mystery visits, to in-depth audit, to solution design and implementation.
We provide training to employees, including managerial positions, in a broad range of services.

Our team consists only of experienced professional. Every one of us has worked on-site and has been responsible for the business results of his or her business unit or the entire company.
Our services provide benefits both to specialists in the field and to clients that have added F&B or hospitality operations or services to their exiting business. 

Trust your investments into the hands of partners who can match your vision!

Our services

Who are our clients?

Hotel chains, leisure resorts, family hotels and B&Bs, boutique hotels and manors, restaurants and other F&B operations


Real estate agents

Investors – hospitality and food & beverage brokers

Consulting companies

How we roll?

We’ll make a “mystery visit” to your operations and get a first-hand experience.

We will prepare a detailed report of the visit. Based on the report, we will consult further procedure and design an offer for you.

We will present you various options of cooperation, subject to your financial and time preferences.

What are our principles?

Regular contact • Openness • Achieving goals • Trust


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